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Michelle Vandale Memorial Scholarship

Are you attending the 2015 Michelle Vandale Memorial Spirit of Winter Tournament as an athlete, coach, referee, minor official or volunteer and plan on attending post-secondary school? If so, you are eligible for the annual Michelle Vandale Memorial Scholarship. 

Picture Day November 3rd

AAA Photography is going to be taking FVRA team photos on Tuesday, November 3rd at the Walnut Grove Sportsplex. We will be doing things the same as last year as to avoid the bottle neck of traffic that happens each year in the foyer. Pictures will be done upstairs in the meeting room.

Process: If your team has practice the evening of pictures, please have them change in your designated change room. If you do not have practice (Yvonne Johnson – U14B and Don Sudom U19) please use the change room you would normally share with your respective team if you both had ice (Yvonne with Chris and Don with Paul).

  • U7 & U9, please come dressed in gear
  • Teams, please make sure that you dress in ALL of your ringette gear including gloves and bring sticks.
  • Managers/coaches please decide which jersey you prefer your team to wear and message to them ahead of time.

There will be benches upstairs for players to sit on while they slide off their shoes and lace up skates. There will be matts laid out as well so that no player will be placing their skates on non rubber floors. Dave from AAA suggests that we allow 8-10 minutes for photos which includes the team picture and singles. Managers please ensure that each of your team players have their completed photo sheet filled out with their picture selection and payment or if they are not buying photos, complete with their name so they can still receive their free memory mate provided by FVRA. 

Time Team Details 4:55 U10 – Tracy Townsend practice starts at 5:15pm 5:05 U10 – Colleen Auld practice starts at 5:15pm 5:15 U12 –Teriann Carmicheal practice starts at 5:45pm 5:25 U12- Tania Taylor practice starts at 5:45pm 5:35 U14 - Chris Flaman practice starts at 6:00pm 5:45 U14 – Yvonne Johnson No practice 6:00 U16 – Paul Payne practice starts at 6:30pm 6:10 U7 -Nicole Tjepkema come dressed 6:20 U7 – Saralyn Schwartz come dressed 6:30 U9 – Sonya & Eric Lapp come dressed 6:40 U19- Don Sudom No practice

FVRA Team Apparrel

This year for our walk out wear and team apparel, we have put together a website store. I know that a few teams have already placed team orders through Whitepaper. All orders will need to be placed by October 19th. Click this link to visit the online store.